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SE Companion Software

The SE Companion software allows users to run customized waveforms and log power, current, voltage and other electrical quantities data. Further, it can be used to import and export customized waveforms for repeatability and quick setup.​ We highly recommend it for source/measurement applications.​​

SE Companion waveform generator and data logging
  • User-friendly interface: A user-focused design for seamless and efficient programmability and processes

  • Efficient Testings: Export and import user-defined waveforms to increase efficiency in setups

  • Control: Use our pre-defined waveforms or create custom waveforms to accurately program desired inputs

  • Data Collection: Livestream data both ways between the software and power supply at a fast data rate

How SE Companion Supports You

Greater Efficiency

Our user-friendly interface, streamlined process for customization, and ability to log and livestream data maximizes efficiency for testing and research.

Minimal Training 

A simplified process and intuitive design minimzes disruptions in integrating our product with your team by requiring minimal training for using our SE Companion app.


Measure, source, and log electrical quantities with customized waveforms to cater to your research or testing. 

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