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Power Your Research

With Our State-Of-The-Art Technologies

Researcher working with data programs

With Seron Electronics

Achieve your Goals

Our cutting-edge technology and wide range of solutions are designed to help you achieve your objectives efficiently and effectively.

Receive Personalized Service

At Seron Electronics, we ensure that every client receives personal support during the integration of our products, training, post-purchase services, and consulting

Expand your Capabilities

Our revolutionary technology and team of experts expand your possibilities in research, testing, and design.

Our Products

The SE Programmable Power Platform measures and sources electrical quantities with sub-level resolution and can source constant power.

State-of-the-art probe kits for precise measurements and electrodes for characterization of materials at electrode and device levels.

The SE Companion Software enables users to easily run predefined and user-defined waveforms and log electrical quantities.

Tailored solutions in areas of instrumentation, measurement, electronics, biomedical devices, and more. Custom product development for research and industrial projects.

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