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SE.1X Series Programmable Power Platform

The SE.1X series of programmable power platforms revolutionize sourcing and measurement capabilities of electrical quantities. Our platform enables exceptionally high precision of voltage and currents, accurate to sub mV and sub mA levels, independent of range. Utilizing a patented design, the platform can supply true constant power for dynamic loads with a 1 mW resolution. To elevate programmability and ease of use, our user-focused software provided with the SE.12 maximizes efficiency and customizability. 

Highly Accurate Source/Measurement Resolution:

1 mV, 1 mA, 1 mW


350mm x 200mm x 180mm

Various Operating Modes:

Constant voltage, constant current, and constant power

Efficient and Extensive Programmability:

SE Companion software

Eliminate Drops in Voltage at Load:

 Built-in remote sensing

Low Ripple and Noise:

<500 µVrms


Voltage (V) (6).png

Constant Power

The SE.1X's patented design enables the supply of constant power for dynamic loads with 1 mW resolution. Moving past current auto-ranging limitations, our platform's ability to minimize dissipated heat allows a constant power output at the maximum delivery point. 

Other Constant Power Capabilities

Limited Constant Power Graph

SE.1X Constant Power Capabilities

Seron Full Constant Power Graph

Our Article On Constant Power

In the constant power (CP) operating mode, the SE.1X platform maintains a constant output power over changing load conditions. The SE.1X platform uses a novel hybrid approach (with no pulse width modulation) that allows a conversion time of less than 1 ms. The SE platform can source power from 0 W to 576 W with 1 mW source resolution and 1 mW measure resolution. Featured with a digital control system, the device can provide load regulation of less than 0.2 mW. The four-wire measurement modality compensates for any voltage drop across the wires, ensuring stable and precise power delivery to the load. 

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