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Programmable Power Supply

Supply True Constant Power With SE.1X Programmable Power Platforms

The SE.1X's patented design allows users to supply constant power up to the maximum delivery point with a 1mW resolution for dynamic loads. Competitor power supplies are unable to supply constant power, and sacrifice output levels for flexibility with auto ranging. Our platform minimizes dissipated heat to eliminate derated power to output at a max of 576W of power and supply constant power at any point within the range. 

Other Competitor's Autoranging Capabilities

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SE.1X Constant Power Capabilities

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High Resolution for Precision Applications

Source and measurement resolution of 1 mV, 1mA, 1 mW, independent of ranges

4-wire remote sensing to ensure precise load regulation of less than 0.2 mV, 0.2 mA, and 0.2 mW

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Programmable Power Supply Front Panel

SE Companion Software

The SE Companion software's user-focused interface enables efficient setups and customization of user-defined or pre-defined waveforms. Streamline research with our platform by transferring data from both ways at a fast data rate.

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Waveform Generator

The SE Companion app surpasses current programmable applications with a sleek interface that allows users to conveniently create, import, and edit waveforms with minimal training. 

Waveform Reader

With extremely fast data transfer rates both ways, conveniently export device and target values from our application for maximum efficiency. 

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