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SE Power Platform Capabilities for Drug Delivery

Drug delivery technologies are advancing therapeutic efficacy and patient compliance in the medical field. Moreover, they are expanding and enabling new medical treatments. Our programmable power platform's top-grade precision and multimodal functionalities support research activities of emerging drug delivery methods and carriers.

Drug Delivery Diagram

The SE programmable power platform supplies

voltages and currents with sub mV (millivolt) and sub

mA (milliampere) resolution. This precision enables

fine control over electric stimulation for drug-release

devices. Our high-grade precision enables accurate

and reproducible experiments to be conducted efficiently for studying the effects of different electrical waveforms (i.e. square voltages for release rates).  They are suitable for the fabrication of drug carriers and release modules from nano to macro scale. 

SE Companion - Running Customized Waveforms

The SE Companion Software creates a visualized user experience to simplify and streamline research with customized waveforms, voltages, and currents. A visualized chart of user-created custom waveforms further the control and simplicity of conducting and reproducing experiments. A precise and certain control through our software allows the study of release profiles as a function of triggering stimuli. Our software also lives streams data to your device, permitting the uploading and recording of any custom waveform, unrestricted by storage capacity.

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