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Supporting Battery Research with SE Platforms

The advancement of batteries and research into their development has shown to have the potential in transforming the storage of energy and its application in various sectors. Our programmable power platform's capabilities help in revolutionizing the research, design, and testing of new-generation batteries. 

A programmable power supply plays a crucial role in battery research. By providing control over voltage, current, and timing parameters, it enables the sourcing of real-world conditions in experiments to evaluate and design batteries.

Constant Power Mode - Battery Charging

A new-generation battery

The SE power platform expands and improves current research capabilities with its ability to supply constant voltage, current, and power. Supplying constant power improves battery charging, thermal management, and cycle life. Unlike traditional constant-voltage or constant-current charging modes, which often require over-designed thermal solutions for much of the charging process, constant power mode ensures more efficient utilization of thermal design. By dynamically adjusting the charging current based on the battery voltage, constant power mode prevents excessive dissipation during the initial charging phase and reduces the power delivered when the charging process is near completion. This optimized power delivery enables safe charging, minimizes thermal stress on the converter and the battery, and allows for an efficient design for thermal management. Our platform's ability to supply constant power, with a 1mW resolution, supports the current transformative research and advancement of batteries.

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